CCCAP mission statement:

 The CCCAP is a national coalition of educators dedicated to promoting the value of the Architecture Programs in community colleges and to providing an alternative pathway to the architectural profession.

 The CCCAP empowers students to pursue their career and academic goals in the field of architecture and the built environment today and in the future.

CCCAP vision:

·        Establish transfer/articulation agreements between Architecture Programs in community colleges and schools of architecture

·        Increase the racial, gender, cultural, and socio-economic diversity within the architectural profession

·        Support dialogue, share best practices, and collaborate as a network among Architecture Programs in community colleges and architectural academic and accreditation institutions


CCCAP objectives:

·        Encourage and support the development of programs offering pre-professional degrees in architecture

·        Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about architecture education in pre-professional degree programs

·        Support ongoing development of the architecture curriculum and educational experiences provided by pre-professional architecture degree programs

·        Promote the professional welfare and development of its members

·        Represent its membership and interests at national and international levels through participation in other organizations


CCCAP Values:

Good Value - Advocacy - Collaboration - Excellence - Diversity - Employability - Forward Thinking


CCCAP Officers:

Randy A. Steiner, AIA LEED AP [Montgomery College, MD] President

Jane D. Ostergaard, AIA [College of DuPage, IL] Vice-President

David Freeman, AIA [Dutchess Community College, NY] Secretary

Charles Setterfield, AIA [Sinclair College, OH] Treasurer

CCCAP History:

[Summary of background of creation of Coalition of Community College Architecture Programs]

1941    Earliest determined date of the establishment of a Community College Architecture Program - Creation of Architecture Program at Hawai’i Community College
1972    Average year of establishment of Community College Architecture Programs in the US
2007    Compilation of list of community colleges in US which offer Associate Degrees in Architecture

(Sabbatical Leave research by Randy Steiner AIA [Montgomery College, MD])
2011    First survey sent to collect data on Community College Architecture Programs by Steiner

2012    First Work Session and establishment of “CCCAP” [Coalition of Community College Architecture Programs] held at AIA National Headquarters, Washington, DC [9/ 28 – 9/30/2012]

2012    Submittal to National Architectural Accreditation Board [NAAB] of Reports and Recommendations for Revisions to the “Accreditation Review Conference” [“ARC”] [12/20/2012]

2013    First General Session of CCCAP at the AIA Convention Denver 2013 [6/19/2012]

2013    Representation of the CCCAP with Steiner [newly elected CCCAP President] at the NAAB ARC in Snowbird, Utah [7/19/2013]

2013    Participation by Steiner and Jill Palmer [Hudson Valley CC] in panel, “Widening the Pipeline to the Profession,” at ACSA Administrators’ Conference Providence, RI [11/2013]

2014    State of Maryland recognition as an incorporated non-profit, cCCAP Inc., on 3/17/2014

2014    Participation by Steiner and Andrew Chandler [City College of San Francisco] and Lyle Culver [Miami Dade CC] in panel, “Widening the Pipeline to the Profession – Beginning Design Studio,” at ACSA Conference Miami, Beach, FL [4/2014]

2014    Second General Session of CCCAP at the AIA Convention Chicago 2014 [6/25/2014]

2014    Presentation by CCCAP at ‘Innovation at the Community College Conference STEMTECH’ in Denver, CO [11/2014]

2014   Workshop Presentation at ACSA Administrators' Conference in Philadelphia, PA on "Crossing the Barriers between Community College Architecture Programs and the Accredited Schools of Architecture" with Andrew Vernooy, Dean Texas Tech, and Steiner [11.7.2014]

2015    Presentation by CCCAP at American Association of Community Colleges [AACC] 95th Conference in Houston, TX on "Coalition Building: Broadening the Pathway to the Profession of Architecture" [April 2015]

2015   Third Conference of CCCAP at AIA Convention Atlanta 2015 ... held at Georgia State University on May 13, 2015 

2016   Presentation by CCCAP at ACSA Conference in Seattle, WA as co-hosts of panel on "TRANSFER STRATEGIES" with David Edwards [Spokane College], Michael Connor [San Antonio College], and Randy Steiner [Montgomery College] and representatives from ACSA schools

2016   Fourth Conference of CCCAP at AIA  Convention Philadelphia 2016 ...  held at Drexel University on May 21, 2016