CCCAP President invited to host panel discussions

Our president Randy Steiner hosted a panel discussion on widening the pipeline to the profession at the ACSA Administrator's Conference in Providence, RI.

            I was invited by Michael Monti, Executive Director ASCA, to be on a panel at the ASCA Administrators’ Conference along with Andrew Chandler, CCSF.  The topic of the panel was “Widening the Pipelines to the Profession."  See Michael's email description below:

Widening the Pipeline to the Profession:              

With growing pressures to minimize student debt and to keep enrollments up, and to expand the demographic and economic diversity of students joining the profession, community colleges have emerged as a key partner for architecture schools. After the Administrators Conference join us for a discussion of ways that architecture programs work with community colleges. Panelists from a number of schools will summarize their formal and informal relationships, and community college representatives will discuss experiences in attracting, educating, and graduating students.


          Monti asked me for suggestions for the panel to join Norman Millar, Dean [Woodbury University] and both Jill Palmer-Wood [HVCC] and Dr. Mary Ann Akers, Dean [Morgan University and big supporter of cCCAP] were invited and joined the panel.  [Corey Saft, RA, LEED AP, ACSA Gulf Regional Director and faculty at School of Architecture and Design
University of Louisiana at Lafayette introduced the panelists.]

          Millar and Akers spoke of the successful transition of graduates from community college architecture programs with statistics and anecdotes.  Palmer-Wood described how her College was redeveloping their curriculum to align with NY state restrictions.

          I introduced the current formulation of the cCCAP in addition to showing statistics and data about diversity in our students and faculty, number of graduates, professional status of our faculty and student/faculty ratio, and sorry lack of transfer agreements!  Meanwhile, a handsome slide show of 100 student projects was looping on screen as I spoke.  These slides were images from the many images that have been sent to me from CCAPs.

         After the presentation, five deans came up to me to ask about “joining the CCCAP’ and each wanted to know more about the CCAPs in their area!

        As a result of the panel’s success, here is the email message that I received from Monti:

            Dear Randy:  I want to thank you on behalf of the ACSA board for coming up to the Administrators             Conference for a session. We thought the presentations were great and the dialog informative.
            The ACSA board met following the conference and would like to start a more extended dialogue with         you and the CCCAP. We would also like to plan a session at the Annual Meeting in Miami, April 10-12.
            So please accept our appreciation and I will be drafting up some more concrete ideas for the dialog    that we can discuss.