CCCAP debuts at ACSA Conference 2014 with presentation to ACSA Board !

Yes … You read it correctly.  The magic words are “building trust and alignment.”

At the invitation of the Board of Directors of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, our president, Randy Steiner, attended the ACSA Annual Conference 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida over the weekend of April 10-13, 2014.  Andrew Chandler, board member of the CCCAP and chair of Architecture at City College San Francisco, joined Randy at the conference where both Randy and Andrew also hosted a panel discussion on “Widening the Pipeline to the Profession: The Beginning Design Studio.”   

There was sunshine outside the Eden Roc Hotel designed by legendary Morris Lapidus in the 1930’s over the weekend but the opportunity to meet with Jose Lozano, AIA, chair of Architecture at Miami Dade College and many other faculty members at ACSA accredited schools were just as enlightening.  The relationship between the community college architecture programs and the public accredited schools of architecture in Florida is a role model for the CCCAP to carefully examine. 

The actual presentation to the Board allowed an open dialogue between the 15 members who represented such schools as Auburn, Sci Arc, Woodbury, University of Kansas, Ohio State, Wentworth Institute, University of Utah, IIT, AIAS, and University of Wisconsin and Randy and Andrew.  After a short enthusiastic presentation by Randy where she actually began with the line, “Last night I had a dream where all successful graduates from community college architecture programs could go on to become architects …”, Andrew shared the mission, objectives, and values of the CCCAP that were written at the first meeting of the CCCAP in September 2012 in Washington, DC.  

Each ASCA board member spoke for about 5 minutes about their experience with community colleges.  At least half of the members expressed great satisfaction with the transfers at their schools.  Lastly, ACSA President Norman Millar asked Randy, “what does the CCCAP want to do?”  “Building trust and alignment … and to reinforce an alternative pathway into the wonderful profession of architecture” were the replies from the CCCAP. 

“Building trust” is creating relationships between individual community college architecture programs and their local ACSA schools.  “Building alignment” would include applying the NAAB Student Performance Criteria to the curricula of the courses offered at the community college programs and was a suggestion by the ACSA Board.  The CCCAP has much to do but the debut was a success.