Membership Types ... DRAFT ONLY ... Subject to change

Full Member Program:

Full member programs shall include United States  programs and their faculty offering programs in architecture accredited by the Accrediting Board of their state and that offer Associate of Arts and Sciences, Associate of Arts or Associates of Applied Sciences  degrees.

Architecture faculty at CCCAP full member schools are de facto members of CCCAP. Full-time faculty are eligible to submit for CCCAP's awards, conferences, and competitions and are eligible serve on committees and task forces. Full member schools participate in CCCAP elections and vote on official business, and faculty at full member schools may serve on the board of directors.

2014-15 US Schools Annual Dues: $300

2014-15 Canadian Schools Annual Dues: $300



Institutional Member:

Institutional membership is available to any college or university that supports the purposes of the CCCAP but does not meet full member program status.  Representatives of a institutional member are de facto members of the cCCAP, receiving the monthly CCCAP Update email and having access to the members only section of the CCCAP website.  In addition, they can submit papers to the CCCAP Conferences.

2014-15 US Institutional Membership Annual Dues: $500

2014-15 Canadian  Institutional Membership Annual Dues: $500


Individual Member:

Individual membership is available to any individual who shows support for the CCCAP, commitment to excellence in education, architecture and the cultivation of future leaders.  An individual member will receive the monthly CCCAP Update mail and have access to the members only section of the CCCAP website. In addition, they are eligible to submit for CCCAP's awards, conferences, and competiitons. 

a.     Student Membership – Available to any full-time or part-time student of an architecture program or related discipline in a Full Member Program.

b.     Adjunct Membership – Available to any part-time teacher of an architecture program in a Full Member Program.

2014-15 US Individual Membership Annual Dues: $50

2014-15 Canadian  Individual Membership Annual Dues: $100



Corporate Member:

Corporate membership is available to any non-academic institution that supports the purposes of the CCCAP. A representative of a corporate member must complete the proper forms.

Representatives of a corporate member are de facto members of CCCAP, receiving the monthly CCCAP Update email and having access to the members only section of the CCCAP website. In addition they can submit papers to the CCCAP   conferences.

2014-15 US Corporate Membership Annual Dues: $1000

2014-15 Canadian  Corporate Membership Annual Dues: $1000



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