Newsletter #1

Issue 11.2014 Volume 1

17 November 2014

Maybe it’s time for us to start a newsletter.  The reasons are simple. 

#1 We launched a membership drive in July 2014. We have 23 FULL MEMBERS and 1 BASIC MEMBER.

#2 We are recognized by the national cohort of the AIA, AIAS, NCARB, ASCA and the NAAB.  Yes, it is a big alphabet soup, but these groups are turning to us for feedback and input.

#3 We have big plans for 2015! Every CCAP has a role to play and could join in on the Newsletter.

NEWS Outreach beyond the CCCAP:

NSF Grant Application Submittal from Sinclair Community College October 2014

In late October 2014, Charlie Setterfield [Sinclair CC and CCCAP Board Member] submitted a grant application to the NSF for a $900,000 grant which included the CCCAP as an active participant.  Entitled “Built Environments: College Collaboration for Facilitating Entrance into Architectural Professions,” the grant will “bring together a consortium of community colleges across the country to develop curricular modules focused on in-demand certifications that can be easily integrated into existing architectural training programs. Likely certifications include Revit Professional by Autodesk, which supports designing and documenting buildings using Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques in a virtual environment and analysis of performance criteria prior to construction …

While existing community college curriculum touches on the competencies within these certifications in varying ways, students are not explicitly guided towards these certifications themselves. Built Environments will create Classroom and Self-Study Modules designed around these certifications and train a cadre of community college architectural faculty in their implementation. The anticipated result is that an increased number of community college graduates will, as a result of their in-demand credentials, find careers within the architectural profession and help diversify the workplace.”

Charlie has had extensive experience in NSF grants and will hear in early spring 2015.  A grant website is currently under construction and will be shared upon completion.

ACSA Administrators’ Conference in Philadephia, PA November 6, 2014

The first event of ACSA Administrators’ Conference which includes deans from accredited schools of architecture [SOA] was a 3-hour workshop entitled “Community College Architecture Programs: Transfer Options” hosted by Randy Steiner [CCCAP] with Andrew Vernooy, Dean at Texas Tech University College of Architecture.

The audience included 55 people representing over 30 SOAs.  Throughout the 3 hours, a slide show of CCCAP student work was running. First, Steiner gave a brief introduction about the CCCAP and its’ history and missions with data collected from our survey of 123 CCAPs.

Second, Andrew described efforts in Texas through the BPAE and the Texas Society of Architects to build a partnership between the CCAPs and SOAs.  He made a clear argument for the establishment of documented agreements which would transcend turnover in administrators and assure CCAP graduates of a future.  \
The final hour of the workshop focused on responses from representatives from three Philadelphia SOAs about their acceptance of freshman vs. transfers, value and format of a design portfolio, analysis of the NAAB Student Performance Criteria [SPC], and possible stumbling blocks which restrict transfer credits. James Doerfler [Philadelphia University SOA], Simon Tickell [Drexel University] and Kate Wingert-Playdon [Temple University] served as panelists.

The response from the audience was supportive and attentive.  A copy of the sample Transfer Agreement that Andrew was preparing for Texas Tech/Southmost Texas was distributed to everyone and contact information about the local CCAP in their region was offered to everyone.

Interesting side note:  At the Conference session, “NAAB 101,” David Freeman [Dutchess CCC] wrote me a message that the ARS requires schools to list their articulation agreements.” He is inquiring with ACSA as to what is their definition of an “articulation agreement.”  Thank you, David, for keeping us in touch.

Innovation Conference in Denver, CO November 11, 2014

On Tuesday, November 11th, Charlie Setterfield [Sinclair CC/CCCAP Board Member] and Randy Steiner [Montgomery College/CCCAP President] made a one hour presentation on Coalition Building: Broadening the Pipeline to STEM-Intensive Architectural Education

The audience was representatives from community colleges and high schools who were interested in the outreach into student populations about the possibility of architecture as a profession.  Two of the representatives were from small communities who were interested in providing students with architectural education as an option but concerned about their remote locations.  The discussion of online classes and teaming up with nearby communities ensued.

Gosh, it was cold in Denver.

NEWS Reach within the CCCAP:

Membership in the CCCAP

Currently, the CCCAP has 23 FULL MEMBERS which includes the following Spokane Community College, Norwalk CC, Hillsborough CC, Tarrant County College, Southwest Tennessee CC, San Antonio College, College of DuPage, Lake Superior College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Clover Park Technical College, City College of San Francisco, Onondaga CC, Kirkwood CC, Oakland CC, Des Moines Area Technical College, Central Ohio Technical College, Lew + Clark CC, Austin CC, Cuesta College, Dutchess CC, College of Lake County, Montgomery College, Community College of Philadelphia, and Sinclair CC.  

Having funding issues?  According to Scott [Los Angeles Harbor College] , Perkins funds may be used as membership in professional development organizations.  Have you considered those funds?  The annual dues are $325 for July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 membership and include free attendance at the CCCAP Conference 2015 in Atlanta, free participation in the Student Design Competition, promotion of information with ACSA, and access to portions of CCCAP website which are members-only including our directory, course descriptions, curriculums, best practices, and more.

The CCCAP is representing you … the community college architecture program … and only you.  As we gather together, we represent the profession and architectural educators that we have special graduates that will serve the entire architectural community. 

Website Development

We currently have a website at   

Based on feedback from our two work sessions and with the support of the CCCAP Board, the website needs to expand.  It could serve as a sharing space for course assessments and successful assignments.  It could provide information about student club activities and community service experiences.  It could serve as a directory of the CCAPs nationally.  It could serve as a job bank for CCAP educators and even internship opportunities for our graduates. 

Get involved! In order to have the website up and running for registration to CCCAP Conference 2015 Atlanta, we are seeking suggestions about what you would like to see in the website, websites that might be good models, and names of web designers who you recommend.

Deadline for suggested names of web designers as well as your suggestions on the website is Monday, December 8th.  Please send your suggestions to

NEWS Beyond the CCCAP in 2015:

Student Design Competition

The CCCAP is sponsoring the First CCCAP Student Design Competition with all entries to be exhibited at the CCCAP Conference 2015 Atlanta.

The design project is based on a competition created by “Space Prize for International Students of Architecture Design” which was established as gateway for architecture students to honor the tradition and challenges of the Korean culture.

The designated project is a "DMZ Observation Platform for Peace". Students must propose an Observation Platform to ease and facilitate reconciliation on the site of the Demilitarized Zone of the Korea Peninsula.

Details about the program, submittal requirements, deadlines and judging will be provided before December 1st. 

The goals of this competition are to provide CCAP students with a design/presentation project focused on a global issue of conflict and an open forum for design creativity as well as an opportunity to demonstrate our students’ many skills and enthusias

Call for proposals for CCCAP Conference 2015 Atlanta May 13, 2015

On Wednesday, May 13th, we will meet in Atlanta on the day prior to the start of the AIA National Convention. This year the morning of the conference will focus on updates and presentations with an afternoon of individual sessions.  Start your funding request now for attendance at the Conference.

AIA Learning Units will be available for the sessions as well as opportunities to share your success stories.

Attached is the format for submitting a proposal for a session at the Conference.  We expect that there will be eight to ten one-hour/two-hour sessions.  The deadline for submittal of the proposals is January 6, 2015.  A committee of CCAP Full Members will make the selection and will contact winning entries before January 20, 2015.

We each have remarkable stories of success within our programs.  Please consider how you can offer your experiences to your fellow CCAPs.


As of March 17, 2014, the CCCAP became an incorporated, non-profit 501.3c organization.  We created bylaws that define our mission, vision and values as listed below:

CCCAP MISSION STATEMENT:       The CCCAP is a national coalition of educators dedicated to promoting the value of the Architecture Programs in community colleges and to providing an alternative pathway to the architectural professi

The CCCAP empowers students to pursue their career and academic goals in the field of architecture and the built environment today and in the future. 

CCCAP VISION;   The CCCAP is committed:

  • To establish transfer/articulation agreements between Architecture Programs in  community colleges and schools of architecture,

  • To increase the racial, gender, cultural, and socio-economic diversity within the architectural profession,

  • To support dialogue, share best practices, and collaborate as a network among Architecture Programs in community colleges and architectural academic and accreditation institutions. 

    With these images in our collective mind, the CCCAP can forge ahead with your input and membership.  Therefore, we launched our FULL MEMBERSHIP to all who responded to our survey and even to those community college architecture programs who did not submit responses to the survey. 

    Fill out the attached FULL MEMBERSHIP application form and join the CCCAP as a FULL MEMBER with the benefits it offers to all of us.  Let’s all be the change that we want to see … join the CCCAP. 

    I look forward to hearing back from you.  Don’t let the academic year pass without joining the CCCAP. 

Randy Steiner, AIA [Montgomery College, MD]

President and Founder, Coalition of Community College Architecture Programs Inc. [CCCAP]

NOTE:  Please pardon any incorrect spellings of names and/or schools.