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Pathway to the profession

Statistics from the Department of Education, the American Association of Community Colleges, and the College Board all demonstrate the significance of the community college graduate in the economy and overall health of the USA.  In terms of degree attainment, enrollment population, and salary attainment, it is clear that the more education that one achieves, the greater one's income and general health and future.

Here are some statistics as of 2014 from the following sites,, and

  • Average community college tuition of $7,142 versus average 4-year institution of $29,404
  • 40% of all college students are enrolled in community colleges
  • Income attainment for high school graduates of $31,900 versus community college graduates of $44,809 versus graduates with Masters' degree  of $70,000

Statistics about our CCCAP students is based on the responses from the 122 programs that returned our survey that was distributed in 2012 through 2013.  We plan to continue to update our data on a regular basis but here are some interesting facts:

  • There are 122 community colleges in the USA which offer architecture as a major and offer an associate's degree.
  • There are 119 accredited schools of architecture in the USA.
  • The average community college architecture program has 3.8 full time faculty and 5.8 adjunct faculty members.


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